Essential Oils

The Background

The essential oils crops consist of spearmint and dill weed. Joint venture member, Bruce Corraini, has been in the Essential Oils business since 1988. Prior to joining the joint venture, Bruce planted, harvested, distilled and shipped high quality spearmint and dill as a value-added, contracted product to brokers in the USA. He learned the essential oils business from the ground up and eventually constructed an on-farm distillation unit to harvest the pure, concentrated spearmint and dillweed oil. As part of Quattro Ventures, Bruce continues to refine all aspects of growing and harvesting the crop.
Quattro utilizes proven industry standards and high quality control methods to manage all aspects of the essential oil crops including planting, crop management, harvesting and shipping the final products. Continuous improvement is a key aspect of crop management, ensuring premium crops each year.

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The Product

The crops are swathed and transported directly to our central facility in specialized collection tubs. Through the use of clean, sterile, steam we harvest the essential oils out of the mint and dill crops. The mint is used primarily in the confectionary and oral care industries. The primary use of dill is for the dill pickle industry.
With our excellent growing conditions combined with an onsite food safety program, Quattro Ventures produces some of the highest quality oils in Canada.


Quattro Farms is a buyer’s destination for premium high quality essential oils. For more information, please contact Bruce Corraini. Please note that some of our products are grown on a contract basis.

We comply with Good Agriculture & Collection Practises.

The flavor is in the oil

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