About Us

About Us

The idea for Quattro Ventures grew out of numerous discussions at the Palliser Triangle Marketing Group (PTMG), a group of farmers who came together periodically to discuss agricultural marketing opportunities.

The concept of a Joint Venture farm was discussed and a group of like-minded farmers of the club decided to investigate the possibility more seriously.

During ongoing discussion, four family farms became strongly motivated to make Quattro Ventures a reality. They believed that this concept would enable family farms to successfully compete in today’s agricultural environment.

Quattro Ventures was formed and operates near Bow Island and Burdett, Alberta. The joint venture consists now of five different family farms currently growing a variety of crops on a mix of irrigation and dry land.


We are an innovative agricultural business producing diverse commodities for local and international markets. Through progressive farming practices and responsible stewardship of the land we honor our farm family roots.

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