Industrial Hemp

The Background

Quattro Ventures has been growing industrial hemp and shipping the crop to processors since 2011. Grown on irrigated land, the crop is harvested, cleaned locally and is prepared for shipment to a processer.

The Crop

Industrial hemp has many uses in various sectors of today’s economy. Most of the plant can be processed into many different types of consumer products. For additional information about industrial hemp, visit the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance.

We harvest the seeds of the plant. They are manufactured primarily into products for human consumption; hulled hemp, oil, protein powder and protein bars. A small percentage goes to the birdseed market. We have Standard Operating Procedures in place to assure Food Safety. We comply with Good Agriculture & Collection Practises – GACP.


Quattro Farms is a buyer’s destination for premium high quality hemp. For more information on bulk purchasing, please contact us.
Please note that some of our products are grown on a contract basis.

We are certified with CFIA as a Bulk Storage Facility.

The goodness is in the seed

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